Cloth Face Protection. Please read description.

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Cloth Face Protection. Please read description.
Cloth Face Protection. Please read description.
Cloth Face Protection. Please read description.
Cloth Face Protection. Please read description.

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Due to the recent recommendations by the CDC to wear face protection in public, and also the request volume from our current customers.... we’ve been working with our local sewing company who makes our blankets and who have recently converted all operations to making CDC recommended cloth face protection, we have been given the opportunity to provide them  in our exclusive prints to our customers at cost. 

We will attempt to get these items to you as soon as possible.

We will not be making a profit on these items and we will be offering this as a service to the community for our customers and amazing medical professionals at this time. Because we are using our business platform please understand that there are shipping costs, etc. that are associated with every purchase and that those will be charged only because we have to pay them.

About the face protection: The front face is double layered, made from polyester. The outer layer has the exclusive Bare Soles design and the inner layer is white. The face protectors are machine washable and reusable. The outer black edge and ear loops are also polyester with slight stretch to them.

Currently, face protection will be available in sizes XS-XL.

Sizing options fit as follows. Please note that the size descriptions are a recommendation. We are attempting to give you a close description of the sizing. Everyone is a little different so please keep that in mind. 

The ear loops do have some stretch to them. The material is similar to a bathing suit strap for reference. 

XS - Approx. Fits smaller children around 5 yrs or under.

Small - Fits children around 5 to 9 yrs.

Medium - Fits children 9yrs and above to smaller adults.  

Large - Fits most adults. We would recommend this to most adults of average head size. This size covers about 90% of a N95 when it is worn under this face protection, with the top 5% and Bottom 5% showing.

Extra Large - Fits a larger head. If your hat size is over 7 3/4" this may fit you better than the Large.

If you have an existing order please leave the order number in the notes section and we will refund your shipping. If you are a Squad member please feel free to use your code for the shipping cost. 

We are in this together. We are fortunate for the opportunity to provide essential items to our Bare Soles family as you have shown our family amazing support and love.

Brittney, Jeff, Liam, Dylan

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