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Brittney Andersen

In 2014, as a middle school teacher and new mom, owner and founder Brittney Andersen set out on a little summer project.  That project would entail making shoes for her two young boys, only 14 months apart and already on the go. Stitching the first mocc from table cloth vinyl purchased at a local craft store in the car on a road trip by head lamp was no easy task.  But after that "success," the urge to actually use a sewing machine to complete the second mocc in the pair would actually mean a sewing machine was needed.  At the time, Brittney had no sewing experience and borrowed a family member's machine to complete the final mocc and the first pair of Bare Soles.  Despite being a bit rough around the edges, Brittney was determined to practice and perfect this new found hobby.

Fast forward a few months later, and hours spent teaching herself to sew, Brittney was cranking out pairs left and right for family members, friends and soon, the world.  Before being "official" Brittney often used recycled leather from discarded and thrifted couches as a source of leather for several of the first pairs.  


In September of 2014, Brittney began her official journey with the launch of the first Bare Soles website.  As the months and years went on, the orders continued to pour in.  As a mom of two boys, who was teaching full time, the work load included long nights and plenty of helping hands to fulfill the orders that continued to stack up.  Those years were filled with so much love and support from not only friends and family, but customers from all over the world.  


In the Spring of 2018, Brittney decided to close the door on her 10 year middle school teaching career, say goodbye to her long time colleagues and unforgettable students to pursue Bare Soles full time.  With that decision came a commitment from her husband Jeff to provide her the ultimate work space.  Jeff found her a 40 ft shipping container and fully renovated it to create the ultimate Bare Soles Headquarters for the business to really take off.  


Jump to present day where not only is Brittney loving this full-time entrepreneur life creating lasting items for you and your little ones, Jeff now joins her on this venture nearly full time.  The love and support that continues to pour in from customers each day is unexplainable and something this "Mocc Fam" appreciates  so much.  The love of this Bare Soles Brand is more than either of them could have imagined and they are both incredibly thankful for the love and support of each and everyone of you everyday.  

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