2024 Mocc of the Minute

Get your FAST FINGERS ready and grab automatically discounted moccs in your favorite solid and metallic colors.  Colors rotate each time Mocc of the Minute is available, so check back often and follow along to see when it's your favorite color's turn!  

Mocc of the Minute means that all main portions of your pair MUST be the featured color and CANNOT be substituted or swapped for any other color.  No exceptions.  This includes, the top, top fringe, heel, all fringe options, sole and single bow.  

Added customizations may incorporate additional  colors, for example, the add heart, add line, add double bow, add double or triple fringe, add toe cap etc.  

Being a heavily, automatically discounted item, no additional discounts, rewards, Bare Bucks, or shop credits can be applied.  *SQUAD MEMBERS, please note your FULL Squad Code in the notes section to active your Priority in Production beneift and shipping will be maually refunded when your order was pocessed. 

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